Divine Desserts - The Dessert that tastes as Divine as it Looks
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Are you looking for a Dessert that tastes as Divine as it looks?
Divine Desserts has the wedding cake, birthday cake, anniversary cake or specialty dessert you are looking for!
You should never have to be concerned whether your cake tastes as good as it looks.  Our cakes are baked fresh and will stay moist and fresh for many days when stored correctly.  Your taste buds are our main concern.  Do you remember the Campbell Soup commercial, Mm, Mm, Good? Well, Divine Desserts are Mmm, Mmmm,
If you enjoy our Desserts, you'll love our
Divine Dining with Devin
Catering Events for all Occassions.  This Food Taste as Divine as it Looks.  Check out the Products Page for a Peek...
Believe it or Not, it's Affordable
Casual Catering Events as low as $15 per person.  Formal Catering Events start at $21 per person. 
Wedding cakes and Specialty cakes start at $2.50 per serving.  The round 8" two layer cakes start at $25.00 and a 9x13 sheet cake starting at $25.00. 
Tailored to your Taste buds
Catering Events you can choose from our menu for Entrees, sides, breads, drinks, and more.  Please call for an Appointment.
You choose the dessert in advance from our extensive menu. Our Menu includes: Cakes, Pies, Tortes, Fruit Salads,Tarts, Fondue, Fruit Displays:
CAKE MENU:  Yes Yellow, Deep Chocolate, Marble, Zesty Lemon, Kickin' Coconut, Crazy Carrot, Ravin' Rum, Red Velvet, Butter Pecan, Strawberry Shortcake, and much more...
ICING:  Butter cream (white or chocolate), Cream Cheese, Coconut, Whipped, Fondant, Add nut toppings or fillings for bold texture & taste.
FILLINGS:  Butter cream (white or chocolate), Strawberry, Raspberry, Coconut, Cream Cheese, Chocolate Mousse, Bavarian Cream and More...
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